AI and Robotics: Indigenous Knowledge Systems

February 28, 2017

Visiting Participants: Angie Abdilla and Robert Fitch
Participant Location: Sydney, Australia
Moderator and Communications: Semih Kaldırım
Communications: Nashiha Ahmed

The Bilkent Science, Technology and Society (STS) Network hosted a video conference event with Angie Abdilla (Old Ways, New; Digital Innovator) and Prof. Robert Fitch (Australian Center for Robotics). The conference mainly focused on current research on Field Robotics & Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) and how they are intertwined in practice.  Angie Abdilla and Robert Fitch have a recent article on “Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Pattern Thinking: An Expanded Analysis of the First Indigenous Robotics Prototype Workshop” in Fibreculture Journal.

Click here to watch.

Video Conferencing Coordinator:  Mesut Saygi
Faculty Advisor: Robin Downey