Qualitative Approaches in STS: Cyborg Constitution in Neuroscientific Trials


Speaker: Dr. Melike Şahinol, Research Associate

Institution: Orient-Institut, Istanbul and Co-Founder, STS TURKEY Network

Moderator: Eylül Naz Ünsal



This presentation analyses how the constitution of a cyborg emerges within neuroscientific trials with Brain Machine Interface Research in chronical stroke. With a focus on the laboratory study in neuroscientific trials, based on observations of adjustment processes of the Human/Brain with the Machine/Computer to a Brain Machine Interface (BMI) System, I will describe and analyze the cyborgical actions within the BMI system through my concept of socio-bio-technical adaptation process based on three phases.I argue that if something or someone can be understood as a cyborg, circularly performance of actions– within these organic and inorganic parts interact –have to be studied. Since circularity is the first principle and central concept of cybernetics and actions are based on the circularity of biological and technical aspects, then one can also speak of an acting cyborg (Şahinol, 2016).


Video Conferencing Coordinator:  Mesut Saygi

Faculty Advisor: Robin Downey