Social Bubbles, Polarization and Breakups

October 3, 2017

Visiting Participant: Kiran Garimella
Participant Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Organizer and Moderator: Mert Inan

Social media has brought a revolution on how people get exposed to information and generate digital data. In this talk, I will briefly introduce work by me and my colleagues on using social media data to solve societal problems. In particular, I will go deep into using social media to understand issues of polarisation and migration. On polarisation, I will cover our work on automated ways to detect polarised topics on social media, and methods we devised to reduce the effects caused by increasing polarisation in the society. On migration, I will briefly cover the usage of Twitter and Facebook as data sources for understanding demographic changes on a large scale. I will conclude with a fun side note on using social media to understand relationship breakups.

Communications: Doren Calliku

Video Conferencing Coordinator:  Mesut Saygi
Faculty Advisor: Robin Downey