Driving Through Complexity: Low Carbon Technologies

Driving through complexity: Low carbon technologies are not enough for keeping global warming below 2º”

April 25th, 2018

Visiting Speaker: Lluis Vilardell, CEO of EQO-NIXUS

Participant location: Barcelona, Spain

Moderator and Communications: Melis Ercan


Climate Change is one of the most complex problems faced by humanity and  a pressing one, as the International Panel on Climate Change already  expects significant effects on the global economy within the next 20 years. Urgent actions are to be taken in the next few years if we are to  prevent the worst effects of global warming. Every aspect of our lives is already being directly or indirectly affected by climate change: our  economies, our health, the food we eat, our energy supply and overall the natural environment in which we live. Changes caused by climate change affect each country differently.  Different policies, consensus-building alternatives and difficult  trade-offs among legitimate interests and concerns involving questions of equity and cost-benefit effectiveness will need to be balanced under in an increasing complex scenario. This talk delved into the different challenges across the world as  well as the question of the kind of institutions and types of expertise, including engineering, will be able to successfully guide humanity through the 21st century.

Lluis Vilardell is the CEO of EQO-NIXUS a global consulting firm based in Barcelona that is specialized in the provision of multidisciplinary advisory, management and training services closely related to the latest scientific and technological developments relevant to address climate  change and its economics, environmental and societal challenges.The company is involved in programs around the world and works closely with international organizations and the private sector.


Video Conferencing Coordinator:  Mesut Saygi

Faculty Advisor: Eric Deibel