2021 STS Sustainability Awards

If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls

2021 STS Sustainability Awards 

On December 24th, the Science Technology and Society (STS) class held the 2021 STS Sustainability Awards. Electrical and Electronics Engineering student, İremsu Taşkın, acted as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  Mete İmer, the Secretary General/Executive Committee Member at CEVKO, and Professor Jeremy Kent Hall, the Director of the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex Business School, provided brief talks for the event. The jury included Assoc. Prof. Didem Dizdaroglu from the Department of Architecture, Assoc. Prof. Selin Kocaman from Industrial Engineering and Prof. Haldun Ozaktas from Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Dr.  Emine Öncüler Yayalar and Dr. Robin Ann Downey organized the STS Sustainability Award competition. The event was hosted by the Faculty of Engineering.

Please see Professor Jeremy Hall’s brief talk on the importance of addressing sustainability in innovation practices.

The Outstanding STS Sustainability Award was given to a project that focused on cultured meat. The group conducted interviews with Biftek.co, including co-founders Erdem Erikçi and Kerem Erikçi. The students emphasized that cultured meat could contribute to sustainability by reducing energy use in agricultural practices. They also noted that a Paul McCartney quote, “If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls Everyone Would Be Vegetarian”, stands as Biftek’s motto and is written on the glass window of one of the company’s labs (see the  image above, which was taken by students as part of their project). STS Sustainability awards were also given to students for projects on Satellite Imagery Analysis, Responsible MRIs, Smart Home Technology and Geothermal Energy.  The  award recipients are listed in full below. 

Outstanding STS Sustainability Award

Project Title – Cultured Meat: Meet the New Meat

Award Recipients

  • Aysel Başak Bula
  • Efecan Şentürk
  • Ömer Durukan Kılıç
  • Sehar Irfan Mangi
  • Zeynep Şahin

Public Benefit and Sustainability Award

Project Title – Satellite Imagery Analysis to Enhance Agricultural Sustainability

Award Recipients

  • Bilgehan Akcan
  • Umut Ege Özdemir
  • Göktuğ Çağıran
  • Gökhan Taş
  • Sebahattin Utku Sezer

Sustainability and Innovation Award

Project Title – Responsible MRI: RMRI

Award Recipients

  • Ezgi Saç
  • Önder Soydal
  • Dora Tütüncü
  • İremsu Taşkın
  • Ayçe İdil Aytekin

Social Justice and Sustainability Award

Project Title – A Case Study on KAREL Electronics Smart Home Technology through the lens of Responsible Innovation

Award Recipients

  • Ata Yavuzyılmaz
  • Atakan Topcu
  • Başak Ceyhan
  • Pelin Ayduran
  • Yaren Durgun

Energy Futures and Sustainability Award

Project Title – Sustainability Analysis of Turkey’s Leading Geothermal Energy Company Based on Responsible Research and Innovation Theory

Award Recipients

  • Esin Julia Rathert
  • Merve Öztürk
  • İsmail Görkem Yeni

Bilkent News Article on the event. February 1, 2022