Common Syllabus

GE 301: Common Syllabus (2015 – Present)

Introduction to science technology and society. History of technology. Technology and politics. Engineering, ethics and responsibility. Social studies and philosophical perspectives. Environmental issues. Health, medicine and technology.Technological controversies. Technology and democracy. Intellectual property and emerging developments. Technology, innovation and responsibility. Special topics.


Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcome Assessment
Apply ethical codes to technological scenarios Final 
Use case studies to examine technological trajectories and outcomes Final 
Assess the role that different stakeholders play in shaping technology Final 
Describe how Science, Technology and Society (STS) approaches and multiple disciplinary efforts can lead to alternative technical outcomes Final 
Recognize how historical insights may be used in engineering practice and design skills Project
Produce a term project Project
Research appropriate academic and web sources for the term project Project
Work on a group project Project


Weekly Syllabus

    1. Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society
    2. History of Technology
    3. Technology and Politics
    4. Engineering, Ethics, and Responsibility
    5. Social Studies and Philosophical Perspectives
    6. Environmental Issues
    7. Health, Medicine, and Technology
    8. Technological Controversies
    9. Technology and Democracy
    10. Intellectual Property and Emerging Developments
    11. Technology, Innovation, and Responsibility
    12. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Science and Technology
    13. Special Topics I
    14. Special Topics II


GE 301 Workload Table (ECTS Credits)

Activities Number Hours Workload
Preparation for Midterm exam 1 16 16
Course hours 14 2 28
Midterm exam 1 2 2
Project (including preparation and presentation if applicable) 1 40 40
Final exam 1 2 2
Preparation for Final exam 1 16 16
Total Workload: 105
Total Workload / 30: 104 / 30
ECTS Credits of the Course: 3.5