2023 Responsible Artificial Intelligence Awards

Date: Monday 18th December 2023, 19:30 – 20:30
Event: Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Competition (Online Event)

Supported by MathWorks, FİGES and TÜBİTAK SAGE

Science Technology and Society (STS) is a class that is taken by engineering students at Bilkent University. As part of the term project, students consult researchers and innovators on their interests and research practices. In Fall 2023, some of the STS students focused exclusively on responsible innovation and artificial intelligence (AI). As part of their responsible artificial intelligence project, students interviewed innovators from one relevant research or innovation site. The responsible innovation questions focused on decisions that innovators make about values, stakeholder concerns and risk issues. The students also consider how innovators develop appropriate solutions in response to these aspects. The student projects were considered by a jury from MathWorks, FİGES and TÜBİTAK SAGE for two Responsible Artificial Intelligence Awards: Outstanding Responsible AI Award and Responsible AI Innovation Award.

RAI Competition Video made by FİGES


  1. Master of Ceremonies: Marco Rossi (MathWorks Academia Team)
  2. Keynote talk on Responsible Artificial Intelligence: “Ethical AI: Navigating the Importance of Responsible Innovation” (Dr. Akhil Gopinath, AI Academic Liaison from MathWorks; 30 minutes)
  3. Two RAI Award recipients from GE301 (Science Technology and Society class) will give ten minute presentations on their projects (20 minutes)
  4. Questions (10 minutes)

Two Responsible Artificial Intelligence  Award categories:

1. Outstanding Responsible Artificial Intelligence  Award
Project Title: Staying Fit with AI_Exploring FitBrokoli Through the Perspective of RRI term project
Award Recipients: Kaan Türkoğlu; Ege Karaahmetoğlu; Göksun Ural Çamurdan; Mirza Özgür Atalar; Ayberk Berat Eroğlu

2. Responsible Artificial Intelligence Innovation Award
Project Title: Fostering Responsible AI Innovation_ Insights and Recommendations from InterLabs’ Approach
Award Recipients: Furkan Güzelan; Ahmet Şahin; Tolga Yılmaz Ardor; Uğur Sesli; Helin Arya Gündoğdu

Jury for the RAI competition:

  • Marco Rossi, MathWorks Academia Team
  • Irem Uncu, FİGES Academic Manager
  • Sebahattin Babür, FİGES AI Team Leader
  • Talha Korkmaz, TÜBİTAK SAGE, Team Lead, Applied Artificial Intelligence Division (Ankara)

Organized by Robin Ann Downey (Science Technology and Society Instructor, Bilkent University), Marco Rossi (MathWorks Academia Team), Silvan Schwaller (FİGES, Academic Planning and Development Engineer),  Özdeş Çevik (FİGES, Customer Success Specialist) and Zeynep Doğa Dellal (CS Student, Bilkent University).

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