2024 Responsible Artificial Intelligence Competition

MathWorks and FIGES sponsored the 2024 Responsible Artificial Intelligence Competition, which took place at Mithat Çoruh Amfi on May 14th, 2024. Marco Rossi (MathWorks Academia Team) and Silvan Schwaller (FİGES Academic Planning and Development Engineer) were both instrumental in developing the RAI competition with Bilkent University. The 2024 event is a follow up to the Fall 2023 RAI competition. Engineering students from various Science, Technology and Society (GE 301) sections participated in the Spring 2024 RAI Competition.

Outstanding Responsible Artificial Intelligence Award

Towards Responsible AI: Risk Management in Deployment of AI Chatbots

  • Işıl Özgü
  • Hüseyin Burhan Tabak
  • Alpsencer Özdemir
  • Mehshid Atiq
  • Sümeyye Ayfer Akbaba

Responsible Artificial Intelligence Innovation Award 

Responsible Conversations A Study of Responsible Chatbot Deployment at DataBoss Security and Analytics

  • Mehmet Yiğit Turalı
  • Roj Deniz Aldemir
  • Dilara Büşra Yörür

2024 Responsible Artificial Intelligence Competition Jury

Alex Tarchini, MathWorks Academia Team
İrem Uncu, FİGES Academic Manager
Sebahattin Babür, FİGES AI Team Leader
Talha Korkmaz, TÜBİTAK SAGE, Team Lead, Applied Artificial Intelligence Division (Ankara)

This event was organized by Robin Downey. Ayda Nodel Hokmabadi (EE Graduate Student, Bilkent University) also contributed to the organization of this event. Başak Baydaş (Faculty of Engineering Secretary) and Cüneyt Özgündoğdu (Faculty of Engineering Technician) both provided essential help in making this event happen.  We sincerely appreciate the pictures taken by Zeynep Doğa Dellal (RAI Competition assistant/CS Student, Bilkent University)  and Marlene Elwell (FAE) of this event. Special thanks to Emine Öncüler Yayalar and Barış Alpertan for encouraging their students to participate in this event. We are also grateful to all of the Science Technology and Society students that prepared Responsible Artificial Intelligence reports for this competition.