Nano Center Visits

Bilkent University  Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology (UNAM) Visits
Science Technology and Society (GE 301) UNAM visits, 2017 – 2019

Science Technology and Society (STS) is a required course for all engineering students at Bilkent University. Bilkent STS students have been welcomed by UNAM since Spring, 2017. Over 400 students take the course each year. Prof.  Çağlar Elbüken is the main organizer of the event each semester. In addition to giving some lectures on nanotechnology, Prof. Elbüken  also coordinates all of the lab tours for the STS students.  Prof.  Seymur Jahangirov, Prof. Tamer Uyar and Dr. Serim Ilday  have also given lectures during the visits. The lectures are mainly focused on emerging nanotechnology developments and research activities at UNAM. The lectures and lab tours also provide students with a basic understanding of how safety, environmental and social contexts are considered within the research and innovation process. Students write about these aspects of their UNAM experience in field notes. A sample of the UNAM visit field notes  were examined in a 2019 Nature Nanotechnology article written by  Prof. Chris Toumey .

Toumey, C. (2019). Engineering students visit a nano centre. Nature nanotechnology, 14, 911-912. October 3.